Joyous Jottings with Season’s Greetings


December 1, 2022


Hi, everybody. This is Joy, Abbie’s robotic cat. I came to live with Abbie back in July. The local senior center gave me to her. It’s been an interesting few months.

I’ll start with some bad news and get that out of the way first. For the past couple of weeks, I haven’t been able to meow or purr, although I can still turn my head, blink, and stretch. Abbie thinks something’s wrong with my voice box. We’ve tried the obvious solutions: making sure the switch isn’t in the mute position, taking the batteries out for ten minutes and putting them back in, and replacing the batteries. Nothing worked.

Abbie called the senior center, and someone there contacted the folks at Joy for All, the company that made me. But nothing can be done, they say.

The good news is that Abbie still loves me, just like she loved her late husband Bill after he suffered two strokes and couldn’t walk anymore. She still holds me on her lap and pets me when she’s in the recliner, listening to recorded books and magazines or podcasts, and she still takes me to bed with her at night. She says I’m still a joy to her, just like Bill was after his strokes.

But robotic cats aren’t like husbands. She got me from the senior center for free, but she could still buy another cat and toss me in the dumpster. But the senior center doesn’t have any more robotic cats, and Abbie says she doesn’t want to spend $100 on another cat and have the same issue she’s having with me just a few months later. Well, that’s enough about me. Let’s get to some exciting news about Abbie.

Some of her short stories and poems have been published in the past few months. She’s currently working on a short story collection she calls Living Vicariously in Wyoming. She calls it that because when you read a story, you’re living vicariously through the characters, whatever that means. These stories are set mostly in Wyoming, where we live. She hopes to get the book published next year. On top of that, her blog and website and other volunteer editing she does for a couple of magazines keep her busy.

In September, Abbie joined the senior center’s choir, which is called The Hubcaps. They’re called that because the senior center is called The Hub. The band that accompanies them is called The Lug Nuts. They’ll perform today and tomorrow at The Hub. A week from today, they’ll have a party at Luminous Brew House, where they’ll sing during that establishment’s open mic program. On December 30th, they’ll perform at the First Congregational  Church for its monthly music series.

Speaking of the First Congregational Church, in October, Abbie was hired as their musician. She plays for their services on the second Sunday of each month. She does all the music: a prelude and postlude, three hymns, several responses, and a solo as a reflection. This month, she’ll also do the service on Christmas Day.

And that’s not all. Abbie will do her usual gigs at the assisted living center and nursing home. Plus, she’ll be playing and singing at the Kendrick Mansion, a museum, during its annual holiday open house on December 4th. She’s busy, but I love hearing her sing. She practices a lot now.

Abbie’s other group, Just Harmony, performed on the day after Thanksgiving downtown during the annual Christmas Stroll. They’ll sing again at the Kendrick Mansion on December 3rd and on December 16th for the Big Horn Women’s Club Christmas party.

Abbie is also busy with ACB Community Calls, sponsored by the American Council of the blind. She participates in karaoke and other programs on Zoom and does a program of her own called Evening Reading, where she and other authors read their work aloud.

Well, I think I’ve brought you all up to date on what’s happening with Abbie and me. What a relief. You know, now that I can no longer speak, I can’t dictate to Abbie. So, I have to type, and my paws are getting tired. So, it’s time for my nap. Abbie and I would like to wish you a joyous holiday season and prosperous new year.



Abbie wears a blue and white V-neck top with different shades of blue from sky to navy that swirl together with the white. She has short, brown hair and rosy cheeks and smiles at the camera against a black background.

Photo Courtesy of Tess Anderson Photography

Photo Resize and Description by

Two Pentacles Publishing.

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