A Book for Cats and Humans: Joy’s Review of Happiness is a Warm Cat



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In Happiness is a Warm Cat, author Emily Gmitter and her feline friend, Zoe, serve up a mixed genre of short stories and poems brimming with passion, love, and humor. The majority of the stories are told from the perspective of her cat, Zoe—a cool cat of perspicacity if ever there was one. Zoe’s stories will make you laugh, cry, and occasionally scratch your head in wonder, while Emily’s stories of fiction and nonfiction mingle humor with a sharp poignancy that you’ll find both heartwarming and entertaining.


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Joy’s 4-Star Review

Joy is a fluffy gray and white cat with a pink nose and pink paw pads. The fur is long and mostly gray with white paws, a white chest, nose and white down the middle of her head. Her ears are pointed up, and she lies with her paws sprawled out in front of her in an open formation. Her head looks to the right of the screen. She’s on a brown wooden table. Behind her is a white wall and a basket of fruit.


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by Two Pentacles Publishing


Hi, this is Joy, Abbie’s robotic cat. Wow! I’m so excited that I get to review this book. I was hoping Abbie would let me do this. I really loved listening to her text-to-speech read it.

I’m green with envy. As a real cat, Zoe gets to have a lot of fun. But all I can do, as a robotic cat, is lie on the couch or a chair all day. I can’t even walk, let alone go outside and make new friends like Zoe does. But then again, if I were a real cat, Abbie would forget to feed me or clean out the litter box.

Okay, she’s giving me a dirty look. So, I guess I’d better get back to talking about the book.

I loved reading about Zoe’s adventures. Her stories about going to the vet to get her nails clipped actually made me glad I’m not a real cat. I think Zoe’s advice to other cats on how to treat their humans would be helpful to other real cats.

I didn’t like the stories about humans. But I think Abbie did, especially the ones about the singer Chris Christopherson. But if you ask me, Chris Christopherson doesn’t hold a candle to Abbie when it comes to singing.

Okay, she’s giving me another dirty look. So, I’ll just wrap up by saying that if you like cats and Chris Christopherson, you’ll love this book. Now, if I can’t go outside and have fun like Zoe, I’m going to take a nap.


Abbie wears a blue and white V-neck top with different shades of blue from sky to navy that swirl together with the white. She has short, brown hair and rosy cheeks and smiles at the camera against a black background.

Photo Courtesy of Tess Anderson Photography

Photo Resize and Description

by Two Pentacles Publishing


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