The cover image is a photo of Abbie and her husband Bill. Bill is sitting in a wheelchair wearing a gray hoodie and black sweatpants. He has short white hair and on his wrist is a silver watch with a white face. Bill has his eyes closed and is smiling. Standing beside him to the left is Abbie in a cerulean blue sweater with a white cat sitting on a stack of white books and has scratched the wall of blue, making it white as well. There is a white collar at her neckline. Abbie is also wearing blue jeans with a faded knee and white Crocs. She has short brown hair with bangs and is smiling. She has her arm around Bill’s shoulder. In the background is a brown dresser set against a white wall with a doorway in the far right. The rest of the cover includes the title and subtitle written in black letters inside a white banner, and the author’s name at the bottom.

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