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The following haiku were published in recent issue of The Weekly Avocet. A haiku is a Japanese form of poetry containing three lines and is usually written about nature. None of the poems in this series are related to one another. Some were inspired by a recent trip to Florida. You can click the link below to hear me read them.


summer morning birds
sing their joyous welcome song
greet the coming dawn

warm summer breeze
blows through open windows, doors
warms the chilly house

dogs bark at midday
amid drone of lawn mower
shatter lunchtime peace

creek rising high
cool water so inviting
on a summer day

thunder booms above
threatening clouds hover in sky
I’m safe in armchair

beach mid-afternoon
pelicans soar overhead
black dots in the sky

salt water up nose
clenses nasal passages
nature’s nasal spray

distant thunder growls
sun shines brightly overhead
blue sky with white clouds

fish of all sizes
swim in huge aquariums
for mankind to see


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